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Why do small business owners spend more time shopping for deals on ink cartridges than they do on their business loans? There is no easy, central online source for comparing loans, or in some cases, understanding eligibility. Reviewing loans based on an apples-to-apples comparison can be challenging based on the amount of information lenders typically provide upfront. Taking out a business loan is a strategic business purchase, and should have the appropriate amount of due diligence as any activity that will impact business and personal finances. READ MORE

Cheryl Kiser

Cheryl Kiser

“Creating Social Value”- and Profitably! How do you create social value and make money at the same time? Whether you’re a big company or a small one, or a non-profit, listen HERE to Green Connections host Joan Michelson’s conversation with Cheryl Kiser, head of the Lewis Center for Social Innovation at Babson College and co-author of the new book, “Creating Social Value: A Guide for Leaders and Change Makers.” You’ll discover the companies that are putting their money and resources where social values are with great success and great impact, and learn how to do it yourself. What was the most compelling thing you heard Cheryl or Joan say in this interview?

The verdict is in: energy efficiency and renewable energy options save money and reduce the risks of climate change.  So, how do we pay for them? Click HERE to listen to Green Connections host Joan Michelson’s engaging conversation with Lisa Sundeen of the Coaltion for Green Capital on Green Banks and how you can get their funding support.

Molly Brown

Molly Brown

Do you love that big American breakfast complete with bacon or sausage? Or do you wonder how we can finally solve starvation in developing countries? Listen here to NASA food supply expert Molly Brown, Ph.D. tell Green Connections host Joan Michelson about the surprising ways climate change is affecting the global food supply — and why changing that big American breakfast may be an important step you can take to help.

“Eco-Spirituality” = Earth Day + Easter + Passover + IPCC Report The confluence of Earth Day, Easter and Passover all arriving this year on the heels of the dire report by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is striking. Regardless of your religious and political beliefs, it’s a call for ambitious action within a moral framework, before the seas rise up against us (literally). It is time for aspirational leadership. READ MORE

Small Towns Making a Big Difference: World Environment Day The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art is initiating a facilities improvement project that will save them upwards of $100,000 a year in electricity and water expenses.  When Longboat Key Club decided to stop using plastic and styrofoam cups, they eliminated more than 1 million non-biodegradable items from the waste stream in Sarasota, Florida. READ MORE

Rebecca Rubin

Rebecca Rubin

Guess who’s taking serious steps to reduce their carbon footprint and partner with the local community? Listen HERE Joan Michelson’s conversation with Rebecca Rubin, CEO and Founder of management consulting firm Marstel-Day about the intersections between sustainability, climate change, and security – and why government agencies are actively looking for “sustainable” solutions.  It may not be what you think…

What is making a difference this year in the energy revolution? Listen HERE to Joan talk with Joel Makower, a leading voice on the intersection of business, sustainability and innovation and Chair and Executive Editor of Green Biz. A regular contributor to Green Connections, he shares the forecasts and top 10 trends according to the 2014 State of Green Business Report and what these say about our patterns and priorities.

Did you know that training for the utility sector can also equip you to work in biotech? Do you currently work in the energy field – or want to? Listen HERE to Joan’s interview with Ann Randazzo, Executive Director of the Center for Energy Workforce Development, about the $100K+ salary, $200K worth in training, and more. This two-part series will show you where the jobs are in the utility sector, the changes in this field that are creating more opportunities and the key qualities for someone working in this sector – and may surprise you.

Ann Randazzo

Ann Randazzo

Three tips for success in the energy field. Listen HERE for Part 2 of Joan’s conversation with Ann Randazzo of the Center for Energy Workforce Development, “a master of her territory,” Where she gives us the top 3 tips for landing a job in utility sector, no matter your background, and why all veterans should check out their tools that match skills from the military to utility sector. Also, the certifications that matter and the secret weapon in developing the energy workforce of the future.

Do you consider the environment when you’re buying groceries, clothing, or a car? This week on Green Connections, we’ll talk about the power we hold in our hands: the consumer of the consumer. Listen Here for my conversation with Lesley Lammers of Cone Communications about how we consumers spent our money last year and about the power of our voices to move companies. Linda Chipperfield of Green Seal tells us what labels to looks for and why. It’s about communication, right? So I spoke with Lisa Ann Pinkerton of Technica Communications about what makes us change our buying habits, since we consumers drive the economy. And last but not least, Bruce Coventry, CEO of Nostrum Motors and former top exec at all 3 U.S. automakers, gives us a live peak at the cool “green” cars at the Detroit Auto Show going on now. He also shared photos that will be on our website.

Extreme weather makes us much more aware of how our cities manage and and plan for disasters – and we all have our stories…. But what are cities really doing to prepare? Especially with an aging infrastructure, this is hugely important – to maintaining our daily lives, our businesses, our schools, indeed our entire economy. Just look at how Superstorm Sandy shut down the NY/New Jersey area, or how Atlanta was paralyzed by 2 inches of snow. Kara Reeve, the head of the Climate Smart Communities program at the National Wildlife Federation spoke with Green Connections host Joan Michelson about what cities are doing to prepare, in environmentally-sound (and clever) ways. Listen here to Joan and Kara. Then tell us: What is YOUR community doing to prepare? What do you WANT them to do?

2014 will be the year that we take a big leap forward in making our communities more energy efficient and sustainable. Listen Here to San Francisco’s head of the Environment, Melanie Nutter, talk about the strides they’re making – including a cool app. Do you think your community recycles? Think again. Just because it’s picked up doesn’t mean it’s recycled properly. Listen to Melissa Walsh Innes, of Recycling Reinvented, talk about the realities of recycling and how they are literally “reinventing” it. Also, Amory Lovins has been a legend in the energy and sustainability space for decades, and he’s written the book: “Reinventing Fire;” listen to my conversation with Amory about the future of energy in the U.S. Last but not least: are YOU raising a “zero carbon footprint baby?” Keya Chatterje, of the World Wildlife Fund, is and wrote a book about it, so she’s here to tell us how she did it.

Looking forward 2014 – Is your New Year’s Resolution to do better financial planning? Listen here to ideas from Socially Responsible Investing expert Julie Fox Gorte of PaxWorld Investments discuss how you can make money and do good at the same time. And, if you’re in investor looking to invest in clean energy or sustainable businesses, Nancy Pfund of DBL Investors has some ideas for you too. As well, Joan talks with Joel Makower from GreenBiz on business and sustainability trends in 2014. 

Holiday Show -listen here – Need a gift idea for the KIDS IN YOUR WORLD? DO YOU HEAR “WHY?” A LOT FROM YOUR LITTLE EINSTEINS? LISTEN HERE FOR cool gifts and BOOKS for kids that teach and excite KIDS about clean energy science and ANSWER THOSE “WHY”S…and more!

The Clean Tech Openlisten here- ARE YOU AN  ENTREPRENUER or INVESTOR? Listen to Joan talk to folks WHO CAN HELP YOU SUCCEED  and raise funds, and protect your “secret sauce,”… and  Jigar Shah, Founder of SunEdison and former CEO of the Carbon War Room about the huge opportunities in clean tech…and more!

Greenbiz VERGE San Francisco 2013listen here - DO YOU WANT TO DO BUSINESS WITH DELL? Listen here for Joan’s conversations with Dell’s V.P. of Corporate Social Responsibility. Also, Greenbiz’s head Joel Makower, Ford’s electric vehicles leadership…and more!

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 What’s “the lifeblood of the economy”? Energy! Power! The energy sector is being transformed before our very eyes, and is transforming our world at the same time because energy is indeed “the lifeblood of the economy,” as the World Economic Forum Energy Vision Update 2012 described it.

Green Connections host, Joan Michelson hosted “Sidebars” at the prestigious Greenbiz VERGE SF 2013conference October 15-17 2013.  Listen to her conversations with top innovators in creating sustainable cities and corporations here!

VERGE San Francisco brings together innovators, entrepreneurs, and leading public officials to explore the opportunities for radical efficiencies created through technology advancements in energy, buildings and transportation.  VERGE San Francisco

VERGE, where tech meets sustainability. Access here, through Green Connections Radio, Live Green Work  Green. Earn Green.

…yet there are hundreds, if not thousands, of women quietly leading the green revolution.

Give a voice to the remarkable women in energy and the green economy – who are building the next wave of economic growth and expanding our options so we can “live green, work green, earn green™.”

According to The Washington Post, men account for roughly two-thirds of those quoted in newspaper articles, and make about 75 percent of the statements in television news.

Click here to see the U.S. Department of Labor’s Green Goods and Services Summary released on Tuesday, March 19, 2013, explaining employment in the green economy in impressive detail.


Martin Luther King was more than just an incredible Civil Rights Leader. Visit here to learn more about his 1963′s stances on climate change and their extreme relevance to today![/wpcol_2third_end]



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