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Recycling Reinvented – with Melissa Walsh-Innes

Melissa Lifts the Lid on How Recycling Really Works (or Doesn’t)

Do you think your community recycles? Think again.

Just because it’s picked up doesn’t mean it’s recycled properly.

Listen to Melissa Walsh Innes, of Recycling Reinvented, talk with Green Connections host Joan Michelson about the realities of recycling — and how Recycling Reinvented has been trying to literally “reinventing” it.

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Funding Energy Innovations – with Dr. Ellen Williams, head of ARPA-E, Dept of Energy

Where $$$ is Going, Breakthroughs and A Few Predictions

The Paris Accord to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions is ambitious and the U.S. has agreed to reduce it’s emissions by 26 to 28 % below 2005 levels by 2025. How do we do it? With breakthrough energy innovations! read more…

City Energy that Works- with Melanie Nutter, of SF’s Dept of Environment

Financial Incentives, Tech, Collaborating Lessons

San Francisco has ambitious clean energy goals: Reducing their carbon footrpint by 80% by 2050 and zero waste by 2020.

How can they get there and what can the rest of us learn from their experience? read more…

Sports & Concert Venues Go Green – with Jennifer Regan, Sustainability Dir. of AEG Worldwide

You Attend Events There – Think of All That Energy Use!

Remember the last concert or sporting event you attended….Did you notice how much energy is being consumed by that venue? Lights for starters are a fortune, and concession stands use energy and spew all kinds of waste as they keep us fueled up. read more…

Double-Bottom Line Investing – with Nancy Pfund, of Tesla fame

Investing in Companies to Benefit Society – & Your Wallet

Doing well by doing good is a universal value – but is it only for the lucky few? Nancy Pfund, Managing Partner of DBL Investors, who has been featured in the New York Times as a pioneer, talks with Green Connections host Joan Michelson about how to do it. read more…

Democratizing Energy, Innovation & STEM Careers – Dr. Sophie Vandebroek, CTO of Xerox

Democratizing Energy, Innovation & STEM Careers – Dr. Sophie Vandebroek, CTO of Xerox

Listen to this fascinating discussion with one of the world’s foremost business leaders and innovators, Dr. Sophie Vandebroek, Chief Technology Officer of Xerox. read more…

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