• Diane Regas of the Environmental Defense Fund


    Diane Regas

    Listen to Joan talk with Diane Regas on two big environmental issues – the Encyclical and the EPA’s new standards for power plants.  She is the newly minted Executive Director at Environmental Defense Fund with an impressive background in science, law and economics.  So, will it matter?

    Hear her view on the Pope’s “morals before markets” and what can we expect from states regarding the  new EPA standards. What can the average citizen do to help? Reflecting on the progress of recent years Diane offers an uplifting perspective on the strides we have made in environmental impact and confidence in the changes to come.

    Having pushed beyond middle-management she shares advice for women in the “messy middle” and the need for culture shifts in the workplace.


  • Carol Kordich

    Carol Kordich

    Carol Kordich

    You may be sitting on plastic bottles in your car – Carol Kordich, head of Global Sustainable Fabric Strategies and Development at Ford Motor Company explains to Joan how significant parts of several Ford cars and trucks are made from sustainable materials, including seat fabric made in part from the REPREVE material that turns plastic water bottles into car seats.

    Listen to Carol and Joan talk about how Carol is transitioning Ford to achieve its goal of 25% recycled materials in ALL Ford vehicles – including in their big, brawny muscle truck the F-150 – and how they are transforming the supply chain to be more sustainable.

    Carol’s own career transition story is inspiring too. Listen below.

  • Kickstarter Campaign: Going Outside is Saving Lives


    Alisha Camacho

    One of GCM’s videographers, Alisha Camacho launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund her project, Anacostia Unplugged; a free, online documentary series about how going outside is saving lives, preserving the environment, and empowering communities along the Anacostia River.  The campaign ends June 30th – only a few days left to share your support!

    Alisha explains more about her project and the inspiration in the interview with Joan below.

    The documentary series will follow the lives of individuals living along the Anacostia River, and show their journey as they reconnect with the natural environment along this historically neglected and polluted Watershed. Through their stories, we will begin to understand why we need to reconnect with our natural surroundings, the surprising benefits of being outdoors, and the consequences of our plugged in lifestyles. Viewers will ultimately be challenged to examine how our society’s increasingly sedentary and indoor lifestyles are hazardous to our health and quality of life.

    Listen to Joan’s interview with Alisha below.

  • Luxury and Sustainability: Interview with Cindy Ortega of MGM Resorts International

    Cindy Ortega headshot 2_010615

    Cindy Ortega

    There is no tradeoff between luxury and sustainability.  Ask Cindy Ortega, Senior Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer of MGM Resorts International who ensures that MGM’s 23 resorts worldwide utilize the most viable sustainable options – and with a passion for life and for being “the best” that is inspiring.

    How do you sell sustainability internally – and motivate 62,000 employees worldwide? As the unique combination of both a change agent and lifetime executive, Cindy shares MGM’s evolution to being a leader in sustainability in the hospitality industry – and to “de-mystifying green” — in this engaging interview with Joan, as well as her insights on driving change.

    She also has practical advice for women feeling stagnant in middle-management you can apply today.  As a former MGM division CFO, Cindy brings a unique financially-based mindset to sustainability leadership.  Listen here.

  • Neuroscience-informed Leadership

    Janet Crawford

    Janet Crawford

    Janet Crawford, M.A., is CEO of Cascadance, “aligning business and biology for organizational excellence.” She has over 15 years of experience working with executives in Fortune 500 companies and high potential start-ups and a pioneer in the application of neuroscience research findings to leadership and organization culture.  So, what is neuroscience-informed leadership? How can companies intentionally build a culture? Listen to this fascinating interview with a neuroscience expert and hear more about the impact behavior has on company culture.  What motivations work well for women? For men? And how are these perceived? A healthy works place needs both and Janet shares the ways new leadership can incorporate brain science to do it.



  • Adoption and Adaptation in the Energy Terrain


    Betsy McCorkle

    Betsy McCorkle directs the North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association’s (NCSEA) governmental affairs work. As a registered lobbyist, she works with legislators, state and local government officials, state agencies, the clean energy industry and allied organizations to educate them on clean energy issues and ensure passage of the NCSEA legislative agenda. Listen to Joan’s conversation with Betsy and find out where the utility industry is getting it right…and wrong.  What is the NCSEA doing to nudge the utilities toward faster innovation? How is the utility industry adapting to the new technologies and how does this parallel smart phones?

    What tax incentives and rebates does your region offer?  Betsy shared a great website to find out about these and other programs on Database of State Incentives for Renewable and Efficiency.

  • Cut Through the Noise: Straight Talk from Dani Ticktin Koplik

    Dani Ticktin Koplik

    Dani Ticktin Koplik

    The clean, green economy is launching a slew of new businesses and business models that have not existed before.  What are the leadership issues in managing such a new industry?  How can we navigate this new space? Dani Ticktin Koplik, principal of dtkResources is the perfect person to discuss this with.  A leadership coach who combines sports psychology with brain science with marketing and business acumen and a straight-talking style, Dani shared invaluable insight for anyone who has or is looking to change industries. You’ll want to hear the top three things to know going in that will lead you to excel in your new environment and for women, she’ll clue you in on the “Girl Traps” and the three most fundamental skills to hone.

  • From The Pentagon, Going “Net Zero”



    At The Pentagon

    At The Pentagon

    The largest energy consumer on the planet says it’s going “net zero” in energy and water use.

    Listen to Green Connections host Joan Michelson’s engaging and informative short interview from The Pentagon with the point person: Katherine Hammack, Assistant Secretary of the Army for Installations, Energy and Environment.

    Factoid: The U.S. Army spent $4.8 billion on energy in the US and overseas in 2012, and runs the equivalent of 152 small cities.

    The U.S. Dept. of Defense is the largest energy consumer on the planet and the Army is the largest energy consumer in the federal government. The Net Zero Initiative’s goal is to reduce the energy, and water use to “net zero,” and to reduce waste in landfills to net zero too.


    Joan with Honorable Katherine Hammack

    Watch/listen to Joan and Secretary Hammack on the Net Zero Initiative, where and how it has already reduced water usage by 23%, and how they can achieve this ambitious goal facing big DOD budget cuts – including opportunities for the private sector.

    Share this video and leave your comments.

  • What do you Drive? Interview with Anna Schneider

    Anna Schneider

    Anna Schneider

    Despite efforts to ween Americans off of SUV’s, the number of electric vehicle users remains low as America’s love affair with cars continues. Transportation is one of the top energy users on the planet and car manufacturers respond to what we buy – not what we say we are going to buy. We need to reduce our carbon footprint and Anna Schneider, Vice President of Industry-Government Relations at Volkswagen shares with Joan the efforts VW is making to accomplish this. What is the current regulatory environment for car makers? How have these regulations affected the growth of the electric car market? What is the impact of low gases prices amongst car buyers? Manufacturers? Listen to this intriguing interview with an expert who has spent her entire career in the auto industry.

  • Transforming Wind Turbines – Interview with Jennifer Baird

    Jennifer Baird

    Jennifer Baird

    From the ARPA-E Innovation Summit, listen to Joan talk with Jennifer Baird of Accio Energy about their new wind energy technology that is turning the wind power industry on its ear.  A brilliant combination of engineering and physics, this blade-free aerovoltaic wind power is scalable, easily manufactured, and less cost prohibitive to implement.

    Who came up with this idea? How has Accio Energy gotten funding? What is the future of wind energy?  Jennifer Baird, a serial entrepreneur with a track record of successfully commercializing transformational technologies, shares more about this pre-commercial company while reminding us that we all have the power to change the world.  See the overview of how this technology works on the Accio Energy website.