• Cleantech Open 2014

    cropped-CTOSE_LOGOThe Cleantech Open is the world’s largest cleantech accelerator and is dedicated to providing entrepreneurs and technologists the resources needed to launch a successful cleantech company.   Joan Michelson was once again in attendance for the 3rd Annual Cleantech Open Southeast Regional Innovation Summit and Gala in Alexandria, Virginia.  The CTOSE Summit showcased amazing entrepreneurs who are taking a “just do it” approach.  Listen below to her interviews with this year’s attendees, panelists and award-winners.

    First up, Aneri Patel, a past guest on Green Connections who is now working as the Energy Access Officer at the UN Foundation Sustainable Energy For All program.  Listen to Joan catch up with her and the amazing strides she is helping to make in combating energy-poverty world-wide.



  • Interview with CTOSE 2014 Winner, NG1Tech

    From the Cleantech Open 2014, Joan talks with this year’s winner, NG1 TECH. Hear about their Techflo Exhaust technology that dramatically improves fuel efficiency while decreasing emissions and reduces sound.

  • FROM CTOSE: Fresh Box

    fresboxAttention foodies! Twin sisters Allison and Megan are innovators with a fascinating product Fresh Box, a new food packaging system. Described as a “soda stream unit for food”, it is the first home food preservation system that brings an established industrial food packing technology to the home consumer, enabling users to increase their access to fresh food and reduce food waste. Foodies, locavores and early-adopters will love this new technology, and help all of us to be mindful of food waste.

  • From CTOSE: April Richards

    Did I hear you say mushroom packaging? April Richards, Program Manager at the Environmental Protection Agency’s SBIR program tells us about this amazing innovation and others that cross her desk in hopes of investment. The Small Business Innovation Research grant program works to fund entrepreneurs who are innovating in ways that meet their mission: to protect public health and the environment, read: to save the planet.

  • Amber Wason of Riide

    Amber Wason

    Amber Wason

    How do you nail a Kickstarter campaign? Amber Wason COO of Riide shares her strategy on how the electric bike start-up was successfully funded on the day it launched. Find out what Riide is doing to stand out in this emerging industry and what Kenneth Cole has to do with electric bikes.

  • Brandon Owens

    Brandon Owens

    Brandon Owens

    What is the “power of the one percent”? Listen to Brandon Owens, a leader in the GE Ecomagination division of GE talk with Joan about the utility of the future, and what GE is doing to fill the skills gap in the energy industry.

  • Interview with Andrew Winston

    Andrew Winston

    Andrew Winston

    “Pursue heretical innovation. ” Andrew Winston, author of “The Big Pivot” and leading thinker in sustainability issues, shares this and other ideas of how we can solve the enormous challenges we are facing around climate change. Find out why companies are bucking the short term focus and hear what he tells host Joan Michelson is “the biggest pivot of all.”

  • Interview with Katharine Hayhoe

    Katharine Hayhoe

    Katharine Hayhoe

    What is the mainstream media getting “completely wrong” about climate change? Listen to what Katharine Hayhoe, one of TIME magazine’s Top 100 Pioneers and one of those ”climate scientists” we hear about tells Green Connections host Joan Michelson.  Hayhoe is also an Atmospheric Scientist and director of the Climate Science Center at Texas Tech University.  She’ll also tell us what we can do about it.


    Correction: 30% of the climate science on CNN is wrong, not 80% as stated in Joan’s wrap-up.  Reference HERE

  • Interview with Sherri Goodman

    Sherri Goodman

    Sherri Goodman

    Sherri Goodman is a former Deputy Under Secretary of Defense and one of the top advisors to the Defense Department and top corporate executives on foreign policy, especially as it relates to energy and the environment. We know that the conflicts in the hotbeds of the Middle East and Russia are as much about oil as they are about national security.
    Listen to GC host Joan Michelson’s insightful interview with Sherri Goodman an eye-opening perspective on energy and geopolitics – and the U.S. military’s role that you probably didn’t think about. Then, post your questions for Sherri on our Facebook Page or tweet them to me @joanmichelson or @greenconnectsdc.

  • Joan on UR Business Network


    Do you want your business to prosper from the clean energy economy? 
    Then listen to Green Connections host Joan Michelson on UR Business Network with tips on how to do so.

    In this interview  UR Business Network, MYOB – Mind Your Own Business Radio Show for Entrepreneurs with Rick Brutti, Joan speaks about the need for more media coverage for the green energy sector and where Green Connections is helping to fill that void.  Hear her definition of ‘green’ as well as tips on living an environmentally conscious life and what the current trends mean for entrepreneurs.  As well, she shares more about her roots in communications and entrée into the green space. Listen to the full interview HERE.