As you see images of the huge swath of homes wiped out in the massive California fires, or in Puerto Rico, Houston or Florida from the hurricanes, imagine all the stuff those people have to replace….What if they replaced part of it with sustainable options? Yes, they can!

Listen to Eileen Mockus, CEO of Coyuchi, tell Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson about how Coyuchi has been manufacturing organic cotton sheets, towels and related bedding for 25 years, and now offers a subscription service (for customer convenience and to ensure the linens are recycled).

You’ll hear:

  • How organic sheets, towels are made – and why it matters for much more than just the sheets.
  • What to look for when buying towels, sheets, mattress pads.
  • Recycling sheets, other fabrics.
  • What prices reflect across the range of options.
  • Certifications to look for when shopping.
  • Career tips for sustainable manufacturing – and all careers.


And more….

You’ll look at your sheets and towels differently!

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