kate_gordonDo you want to reach the most powerful purchasing market?

Do you want your brand to be perceived as “green” or “earth-friendly”?
AND business savvy?

Find out how Green Connections Radio™ can help you achieve all these goals at once. Prices to fit ALL BUDGETS – customized to suit YOUR needs!

The Market:Women are the top buyers – by far!

Energy and green economy are the top growth industries – by far!

Sponsor/Advertiser Benefits

Reach the MOST POWERFUL market – Women – for much less than expected!

Top Promotional Benefit!

The Offer in Brief:                  ALL BUDGETS are WELCOME

An extremely attractive package of promotional opportunities at an exceptional price.

We customize the program to suit your specific needs and brand:

  • Ads on episodes
  • Ads on podcasts
  • Ads on the website
  • Branding at events
  • Branding in marketing materials
  • Press outreach
  • Category exclusivity
  • Private events with top women in energy and green from the GCR proprietary database of thousands.


Demo was requested by VERY TOP EXECUTIVES at all three radio platforms – satellite, public and commercial.

  • Sponsor a segment on the demo
  • Sponsor the whole demo package (5 segments)
  • Sponsor a specific segment: Newsmakers, or “Consumer Minute,” “Day-in-the-Life” profile of a green job, “Did you know….” Factoids, or cultural segment
  • Sponsor a poll
  • Sponsor a Green Connections Radio™ party or coverage of an event (e.g. we record when GCR Host Joan Michelson moderates a panel at a conference, as she is doing in November at’s VERGE conference:

Cross-promotions with Charitable Partner, World Academy for the Future of Women